JOIN Collective Clothes x studio bonbon

JOIN was invited by studio bonbon to organize a special workshop collaboration in October 2019 as part of the exhibition studio bonbon invites

studio bonbon was a textile printing studio founded in 1979. The printing workshop closed it doors in 1988, but studio bonbon kept existing. As the daughter of the founder, Teuntje Kranenborg, decided to continue on the studio, where silkscreen printed textiles are one of the components.

During this JOIN x bonbon workshop, the materials of the workshop were offered especially by studio bonbon: the material that was used during this workshop were the meters of printed textile which were functioning as table cloths during the relaunch of the studio in 2018.

The pieces made by all participants of the workshop, together create a whole outfit. This collective garment was exhibited at fanfare from 02.10.19 to 06.10.2019 as part of the exhibition studio bonbon invites. The garment pieces are now added to the archive of this project.